SharePoint Best Practices Conference 2010 Tracks

All the tracks for the conference have been finalised.  Just an ever so slight biase towards the developers, but there’s more than enough to keep no techies busy. It’s only in a month but excitement is already building – and I’ll be there!  The Twitter tag is #BPC2010 is you want to follow all the news.  Not too late to go of course, check out the website.

(Excuse the formatting here,  for the life of me I can’t get it fixed).

Project Managers Developers It Pro / Admins Information Workers
1 Best practices in leveraging project 2010 with SharePoint 2010 for project management SharePoint Designer 2010: using it safely in an enterprise environment Internet facing SharePoint sites: best practices for a secure design You could need a list if…
2 Taxonomy & tagging: big changes in SharePoint 2010 SharePoint’s branding continuum: choosing the right approach for customizing your look and feel Service application design best practices Form approval process – best practices
3 Content types and site columns: working with stakeholders to build a taxonomy ECM guidance – custom document ID service Optimizing SQL server 2008 for SharePoint 2010 Creating SharePoint list forms – when to use InfoPath 2010 or SharePoint Designer 2010
4 Using SharePoint to re-engineer your business processes and trim costs: a best buy case study Developer guidance – social computing constructs Planning considerations for claims authentication in SharePoint 2010 How and where do i deploy my InfoPath 2010 forms to get the most bang for the buck?
5 Data view web part best practices – old and new Content aggregation strategies: enterprise search vs. Content rollup Using the OSI model for securing your SharePoint 2010 infrastructure Introduction to SharePoint applications using InfoPath and forms services 2010
6 SharePoint 2010 business intelligence: the right tool for the right job Workflow application lifecycle design and management Multi tenancy in SharePoint 2010 InfoPath 2010 under the hood: building next generation workflow applications using InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Designer 2010
7 Manager’s quick guide to SharePoint server 2010 Developing multi-lingual sites with SharePoint Implementing multilingual solutions with SharePoint 2010 InfoPath 2010: form design best practices
8 Bi & SharePoint: real world examples Why wait for SharePoint 2010? Write code today that will upgrade easily to SharePoint 2010 Rational guide to implementing user profile synchronization Making mysites work for your organization
9 How to leverage SharePoint for digital asset management Development design decision best practices for SharePoint Managing data recovery in SharePoint 2010 Scaling SharePoint from small libraries to massive distributed archives
10 Selling SharePoint to the organization Working smartly with workflow Managing multiple SharePoint 2010 identities across authentication platforms using forefront identity manager Best practices for enterprise document management
11 Real world SharePoint: case study from the trenches Automated solution testing with vs2010 Virtualization of SharePoint 2010 farm architecture Best practices for organizing documents in SharePoint 2010
12 Best practices for building a community in SharePoint Real world sandbox solutions Architecting a fault tolerant and best practice SharePoint 2010 farm Training best practices for end-users for SharePoint
13 InfoPath form creation, optimization and performance best practices Running mates: the client object model and JQuery Connecting SharePoint farms through the wan Solving the end-user adoption problem
14 Distributed corporate intelligence using SharePoint 2010 and office 2010 It always works on my box: the SharePoint development environment and you Caterpillar to butterfly: SharePoint Designer 2010 best practices Lists: used, abused and underappreciated
15 SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SQL server PowerPivot: best practices SharePoint on the go: mobile computing and SharePoint SharePoint 2010: an administrative odyssey SharePoint: the day after
16 PerformancePoint services 2010 – insight into your enterprise Creating public facing websites in SharePoint 2010 Pretty and practical: form and function working together
17 Best practices for managing an effective SharePoint team SharePoint service applications 101 SharePoint 2010 goes native with PowerShell Workshops
18 Building solutions that users get Developing solutions with claims in SharePoint foundation 2010 What does it takes to become certified on SharePoint server 2010? Delivering SharePoint success: how to effectively plan, manage and control SharePoint projects
19 If you build it, they will come PowerShell for the SharePoint developer New considerations in SharePoint security SharePoint 2010 deployment expedition
20 SharePoint business analysis: the devil is in the details but keep him out of your requirements The ECMA script client object model – what, why, why not (and a little how) Making your metadata work for you with SharePoint 2010 SharePoint upgrade drill down
21 The SharePoint magician: translating SharePoint business requirements to technical scope SharePoint 2010 workflow: now what do we do? Empowering your mobile users Security, administration, and architecture. This post conference demo extravaganza
22 SharePoint customization: overcoming hurdles and avoiding pain SharePoint 2010 extranets and authentication: how will SharePoint 2010 connect you to your partners?
23 The right introduction for SharePoint developers Boost the performance of SharePoint today!
24 Create a mapping web part Best practices for implementing search in SharePoint 2010
25 Mapping mashups with SharePoint Designer So you’ve built your farm, now how do you keep it running smoothly?
26 Extending the web analytics reports to provide campaign / goal driven websites SharePoint 2010 Organizing your information with SharePoint 2010 in mind: a seminar to create information velocity for your organization
27 Calling up your farm Performance and capacity planning
28 Building search driven internet applications using fast and SharePoint WCM Process of declaring a record: best practices
29 Build a SharePoint 2010 publishing website in 60 minutes Search based navigation
30 SharePoint 2010 developer’s myth busters
31 SharePoint branding: how do you even begin?
32 Power to the people: design in the hands of the end user
33 Extending the SharePoint 2010 social networking capabilities
34 Building a rich media application in Silverlight
35 Mopping up bad code: a migration that never should have happened…

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