SharePoint 2007 vs 2010 for End Users : The Default Landing Page

We’ll start the before and after series with all the basics.

Here are the default team sites for each version.

SharePoint 2007 :

SharePoint 2010 :

What’s new :

  • The landing page is called Home now.  (Don’t confuse this with your intranet home page).
  • Site Actions has moved to the left.
  • New edit option tags for the page.
  • The Search box has been combined into one field.
  • There are “I like it” and “Tag it and Notes” options, (not available in Foundation).
  • View All Site Content has become All Site Content and has moved to the bottom of the Quick Launch.
  • No more global navigation breadcrumbs.
  • No more links to My Sites and My Links, (My Sites are on the dropdown next to your account name).
  • Site Pages is new – it’s the wiki the home page is made up of, everything on it is editable.
  • Sites are made up of pages, some of which you can edit, some you can’t, (called system pages).
  • Announcements, Calendars and Links have been replaced with a Welcome note, Shared Documents and Getting Started – the themes section could keep you busy all day.

Verdict :

The Good :

  • No more in and out of Content Editor Web Parts to modify the landing page, it’s in easy to edit wiki format.
  • The online help is VASTLY better than it was!!!
  • Once you get used to the new look and navigation, it’s a dream.

The Bad : No more global navigation.  Does not play well with Google Chrome.

And the Ugly : No more My Links.  This is a pity, it was a very handy, widely used tool.


  1. Agree with Christophe around the feature aspect of this – the Global Navigation is available but is driven via the Publishing Infrastructure feature.

    On another point, the “Team Site” template has replaced the “Collaboration Template” in MOSS 2007.


  2. Thanks Christophe. I’m planning on doing a whole series on this, step by step for the beginners, which will cover that aspect too eventually. But I’m sure they’ll be happy to know that now so long. Change management and all.


  3. An important point: the home page in SharePoint 2010 team sites is driven by a feature. All of the above is correct if the feature is activated. If the feature is deactivated, you’ll find much more similarity between the two versions.


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