SharePoint 2007 vs 2010 for End Users : Site Actions

The site actions actions list changes depending on your access level, version of SharePoint installed and settings activated.  These are mix between team sites, publishing sites, WSS and Enterprise sites, but all with Site Collection Administrator Access.

SharePoint 2007 :

SharePoint 2010 :

What’s new :

  • Create is out, New is in.
  • More Options is the usual collection of lists and libraries available to create.
  • View All Site Content has been included in this menu too.  Takes you to the same place as All Site Content on the Quick Launch, (shouldn’t it have been called the same thing ?).
  • Edit in SharePoint Designer option has been added, (and platform owners worldwide shiver).

Verdict :

The Good : Nice to get easy access to Site Permissions and SharePoint Designer.  (But don’t worry, it is easy-japaneasy to block the use of SPD for end users now).

The Bad : Not really bad, but would have been nice to keep Manage Content and Structure, users go there often.

And the Ugly :  Nothing ugly about it.


  1. Hi Veronique,
    When you activate the Publishing Features, you will see that ‘Manage Content and Structure’ also appears in SharePoint 2010. (This was also the case in MOSS).


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