What is SharePoint Used For? Company Communications!

Every business needs to communicate to its staff. This has traditionally been done via email. The problem with that method is that if you have new staff joining, they will never be able to learn about how the company rolls, because they don’t have those emails. Someone going on maternity leave is highly unlikely to try and catch up on months of emails once she’s back.

You can use SharePoint to communicate with everyone. The standard News Posts and News Links makes it easy to do so.

We like to add categories and page types to our Site Pages libraries where all pages are stored to make it easy to manage the different types of pages, as well as categorise the news.

That allows you to put different news web parts onto your home page.

You can still send out the communications via email, but it’s not essential unless it’s urgent news.

That’s because SharePoint uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to figure out who has read what news, and send each staff member a weekly round up of news they may have missed.

This is handy too, but at the end of the day, all the news is always on the intranet. This allows people to catch up at their own pace and helps grow the body of knowledge being shared in the company.

You can also use them for project status updates in smaller project teams. They make great feedback mechanisms that can be shared with executives if necessary.

We’re a huge fan of News Posts and News Links functionality in SharePoint. We use them on every single project.

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