The Role of SharePoint in Microsoft 365

Teams and OneDrive can only take you so far. Most companies start by just creating a traditional file share / share drive structure in them. Hundreds of folders in one library containing thousands of documents. Many companies think that if they’ve got all their documents uploaded into Teams, they’ve “done” SharePoint. Far from it.

The folder system is not efficient document management, nor good business management; nor best practices in content storage. It makes it difficult to find or manage anything. Duplicate information abounds. No-one has any idea who is sharing what content with whom. Teams sprawl is the new folder sprawl. It creates islands and silos of information with everybody doing whatever they want. This is risky business management.

This does not help a business grow or thrive. You might be operating, but it will be filled with frustration and stress.

SharePoint resolves all that. SharePoint a strategic business tool that when done right, supports your company and propels your business model forward. If you don’t see the value in SharePoint yet, you haven’t done it right yet.

You need SharePoint if need to be more organized at work. If you need better controls over your content. If you need better reporting. If you need to see the complete landscape of your content. Teams and OneDrive simply cannot do this. SharePoint can honesty make you feel excited about working again, really!

Here’s Microsoft’s take on it, and we wholeheartedly agree. SharePoint is THE intelligent content service.

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