Make a Christmas Themed SharePoint Home Page

It’s been quite the year huh. End it on a cheerful note and give your intranet a Christmas theme. This is super easy in SharePoint Online because you can make different site pages into home pages whenever you want to.

Get yourself some Christmas gifs in large format and put it into a one cell hero webpart or image webpart, or as the page header image of the page if it’s not a Communication site.

Get yourself some cute Christmas icons for the site logo and hub logo. HOT TIP – the site logo also supports gifs!

Add some emoticons to the menus and site page names.

I did this by going to my phone and sending myself an email with all the icons I wanted, then just copied and pasted them in the menu options.

Change the site theme to whatever colour scheme you’re going with.

Change the suite bar theme for the site (if you are allowed to) to something Christmassy.

Change the icons on Quick Links.

And that’s that. 🙂 Cute hey.

Here’s the screenshot in case videos are blocked for you. The bit with Merry Christmas moves.

Why don’t you hide some Santa’s and things all over your intranet and make a competition to find them as part of your end of year celebrations too.

If you wanted to get really smart, you could add the vertical section to your site and add gifs all the way down that make it look like Santa is climbing down and out a chimney. 🙂 That’s a bit above my graphics skills, but if you could find or make a series of gifs that did that, it would be really cool.

Have fun and show us what you make.

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