Create a Non Office 365 Group #SharePoint Online Modern Team Site

Microsoft is hard at work forcing us to use Office 365 groups. Basically they connect a bunch of functionality together, making people have the same permissions across SharePoint, Teams, Planner, Outlook, etc etc. That’s all well and fine, but if you delete one, you delete them all. Not great. Plus you have to wangle the permissions so that you don’t give everyone and his cat access to delete apps and/or change their settings. A lot of the time, you just need a standard SharePoint site, with standard SharePoint groups that you can manage in isolation to other toys in Microsoft 365.

You can still create one, you just need to know where to get it.

If you click on the SharePoint link at the top of Microsoft 365, you have the option to create a new site. These options are the modern O365 groups site, and a Communication site which has standard SharePoint groups, but not all the other functionality you might need on a team site.

To get to the standard modern team site, you need to be have the SharePoint Administrator role access and get to the SharePoint Admin Centre. You also need to go to the modern SharePoint Admin Centre, then Active Sites and Create Site.

And this is where is gets sneaky. You need to keep a careful lookout for Other Options. On some tenants / browsers, you can see Other Options easily, on others there’s only a thin grey line, on others it’s way under and you have to zoom out to get to it, but it’s there.

The first option available is the team site with lovely, standard SharePoint permissions. Create site as normal from here on out.

Silly isn’t it. If you think this option should be available on the main menu where all staff can get to it, then please vote for it on UserVoice.


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