Finding SharePoint in Office 365

Most versions of Office 365 have SharePoint included in them.  It will be referred to as Team Sites on the MS websites.


SharePoint gets provisioned in the background during the setup of Office 365, and the SharePoint tile will be visible.



Clicking those links will however take you to an empty list of sites if you’ve never used SharePoint before, and then give you the option to start creating sites.  The problem with this approach is that you will miss a whole level of planning and architecture and all the settings that need to be tweaked.


So to get around this, deleted the following characters in the URL and hit enter.


And you will see a whole new site – this is the top of the site collection and where you need to start from.  If future, you can just type the shortened version directly into your browser and it will resolve itself. So in this example, we could just type  For our work intranet, we type  Whatever you used as your company name when signing up for Office 365, is the name that will be used here.


Then follow that site so it shows up under the SharePoint tile from the app menu.



 === Pro Tip ===

Rename the “Team Site” under Featured Links to “Intranet Home” to make it easier to understand.  Click the edit icon under Featured Links to change it.  The team site will get its own edit icon.








Rename the site.












All done, the top level site is followed and featured for others to find.





















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