So Much For Promoting Governance….

Yet another change to Office365 has left governance in the dust.  In previous versions of SharePoint, you were able to see the description of the apps in site contents.  But not anymore in SharePoint 2016.  Now you only get Settings, Details or Remove.  You need to go into the Settings to view the app description.  This annoys me no end! Those descriptions are critical to managing sites properly.  Don’t get lulled into thinking it’s not important to fill in those descriptions properly, because it is.  You need to know how the app is setup or you will have to go through every single setting manually to understand that.  Remember that sites are handed over to other people all the time, they need to know how it was built.  This is a big part of the SharePoint legacy you leave behind. #DescriptionPolice

Site Contents SharePoint 2016

Site Contents SharePoint 2013

Site Contents SharePoint 2010

Site Contents SharePoint 2007


  1. @Ellen – I’m still iffy about it. Why need the tips there is beyond me, it’s a huge waste of real estate that could be used for descriptions!! 😉 I know a lot of people don’t use them often, but they should be. How on earth do people manage site without them?

    @Cindy – that’s sweet of you, thank you. 🙂 How cool would it be to be able to create your own views in site contents, great suggestion! I think we should add that to the wishlist at Microsoft.


  2. Comments from my two most favorite people! We are now going through a massive clean up process and not having these descriptions would really be tough. While we don’t use them all the time, they are used frequently and always turn out ot be a real time saver when the descriptors are meaningful. Maybe if it were flexible enough to create a view with our preferred info…


  3. Hi Veronique, I really like the new Site Contents page because I think it gives a better overview than those large blue tiles. But…the description is on my wish list too, although my experience is that people generally don’t use it often enough. I have added that to “Feedback”, I hope you have done that too!


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