Migrating to Office 365? Learn About the Apps Menu and Following Sites

If you’ve you been working on SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 and are moving to Office 365, you can expect a totally different user experience.

Let’s look at the apps menu. On the top of each Office 365 site you will see a set of blocks – click that to view all the products available to you based on your licensing model.

Office 365 Apps 1

At the bottom you will see a “My Apps” link.

Office 365 Apps 2

That lets you customise your menu by deciding what to remove.  Any custom apps will be added to the bottom for you to add.  Hover over an app to get the … menu option.

Office 365 Apps 3

Then just click the top left icon again to jump between applications.  You will spend most your time in SharePoint – that is listed under Sites.

Office 365 Apps 4

The intranet home page is listed under Team Site. (And yes, the Team Site and Public Site icons are duplicated; Microsoft needs to fix that). All other sites you follow are listed below.

Office 365 Apps 5

There is an option in SharePoint 2013 to follow sites – all those follows are stored under the Sites list for easy reference.

Office 365 Apps 6

Happy browsing!

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