Change to Permissions in Office 365

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Microsoft has rolled out a change to permissions.  You can now decentralise adding users to sites.

Office 365 Permissions 1

Office 365 Permissions 2

While this is all well and fine, doesn’t this defeat the object of having a Site Owner permission group?  The practical application of this setting is not clear in Mrs Google that I can see and the wording in SharePoint is misleading.  Not great from a governance perspective, I don’t find this to be a sensible change at this point…

4 responses to “Change to Permissions in Office 365”

  1. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    I hear you…. Fixing something that wasn’t broken.


  2. Francois Souyri Avatar

    Very peculiar indeed, so now we will have to highlight that feature just to say “why would you enable this?” 😦


  3. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    I know right, I just don’t get this one…. The “just share externally” thing was bad enough. No-one I know has that activated on their platforms, they all turned it off. Now this? Bizarre…


  4. shewrite63 Avatar

    Whoa! Sure would be nice to know the logic behind that change / decision.


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