Lets Collaborate’s New Website, Win a Prize, and Blog Changes

Well, it’s only taken 6 months, but we finally went live with our new website this afternoon.  Read more about the lessons learned on the new company blog.  PS : We believe this is the only company where every single person in the company has written a blog for the website. 🙂

Website home

Because we had to manually move all the blogs over from this blog to our new company blog, we could not move the comments that went with some of them. So we decided to enlist your help and bribe you! 😉  The first LC client that attended any sort of training with us that adds a comment to 3 blogs, wins a Lenovo mini tablet.

Win a Lenovo Tablet

News and Blog

I will be posting all SharePoint related blogs from our News & Blogs page from now on. Views from Veronique will contain mostly my thoughts on the state of the world.  I will do a summary from here when there’s enough to write about.

We have a great new e-commerce engine in place, so you can order training and pay in 3 ways : direct transfer, credit card or on receipt of an invoice for our long standing clients. All our training dates for the rest of the year have been added.  We can also conduct the training anywhere.

Keep in mind that we offer end to end SharePoint services on top of training!

Full Service SharePoint

We are really fond of our team page, it always make us smile.

Our team

See if you can find yourself in our friends.

Friends of LCWe’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions for all the people new to SharePoint.

FAQ SharePointAnd don’t forget our user community activities.

SharePoint user groupHappy browsing!  Please feel free to give us any input to our new website.






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