Adding Exchange Rates to Your Site

It’s common to want the Rand/Dollar etc exchange rates on intranet or team sites. After much searching to find one that works half way decently, I found Exchange Rates Widget!  It really could not be simpler :

  1. Choose your currency
  2. Choose your language
  3. Choose your time zone
  4. Choose your colours
  5. Copy the code
  6. Insert a Script Editor Web Part in your SharePoint site
  7. Paste the code and save

Easy peasy.

Currency converter 1

Currency converter 2

Script Editor Web Part

The currencies were ‘backwards’ on our side of the pond, so I just made 3 separate ones to make it easier for the users to work out and dropped them into a table to keep them closer together.

Exchange rate RSS feed widget


  1. Hi! If you are interested in knowing the evolution of a particular currency, you may want to have a look at application. It lets you set smart alerts and receive email notifications for free when a currency is reaching a goal set by you.


  2. Awesome Idea. The only problem is i cant get it to show everything. All its showing is the Base Currency name (South African Rand) and the colour. Other than that it doesnt seem to show any of the other currency names or values.


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