List and Library Search Boxes

While the idea of these list and library search boxes is nice, it would have been nice if they actually worked properly.  They will not pick up any results unless you are in an All Items / All Documents view.  If you want to leave the search box on, make your users’ lives easier by renaming those views to All Items Search and All Documents Search.  It’s just that extra little bit of help to save them some frustration.

Find an Item search box

All Items Search 2

Find an Item search box 2 Telephone list search


  1. Hi. I tested this out on a few SP2013 on-prem lists and could not reproduce the issue. Searches work for me in any special list views that we created as well as with the “All Documents” “All items” view. Tested with a document library and contacts list.

    One thing that I’d like to reduce in a site search or everything search is results showing for the keyword or name in different list views. At times it can clutter up a results page with redundant info.


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