We’re a Bunch of Block Heads!

We wake up and look at our phones. Some people get up and turn on the TV. We get to work and look at computors or laptops all day.  We sit in tiny square cubicles looking at walls. We got to meetings and look at screens with presentations.  We get home and turn the TV back on.  We go on holiday and spend all the time looking through a camera lens; or still at the phone. We go to a movie and look at a big screen.  We go to a bar and watch sport on a TV. We go to a lunch or dinner and everyone is on phones or iPads.

Get away from the blocksBlocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks. blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks, blocks!!!

We are forever looking at blocks!

Stop what you’re doing right now and look outside, or look up if you’re on your phone.

What do you see?

Look at a tree, a plant, a cloud, an animal, a flower, a person, a mountain, a river, an insect. Do you see any blocks there? How does it feel to look at those things?

There is such a beautiful world out there.  Will we ever stop looking at the blocks long enough to see it? Can you put down all the blocks for just one day to really engage with the world and experience something?


It’s 11am on a long weekend and I’ve already spent 3 hours looking at a block on the most gorgeously sunny autumn day.  I made plans to go the zoo today and was busy getting the camera ready when I stopped in my tracks.  Getting ready to look at another damn block! I might as well not go and look the zoo up online! So now instead I am going with no camera and no phone to see how my experience is different.

I hope you find the strength to put down the blocks too, even for a a few hours. Let’s just see what happens when we do that.   Because really, all we are is this if we don’t…


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