Where Are You

I’ve had a couple of people ask me where I have been lately.  My blog, Twitter and community posts have been a bit quiet.

Yes they have I’m afraid.  My business is expanding quite rapidly and I’m just finding it a little tricky to balance time to do social networking.  I’ve got about 7 blogs in draught mode that I need to finish up for you, plus I’ve got a ton more coming from the 2 conferences I just attended. Watch this space soon.

Thanks for noticing that I’ve been awol, it’s very sweet.  I promise you I’m not going anywhere; just in the middle of the growth spurt that requires my full attention.



  1. Please count me in the list of people who are wondering where you have been these days J. Seem you are pretty quite in the community thanks to your great business. Wish all successes come to you. We are still waiting for contribution for the SharePoint community. By the way, any plans for the SPC14?


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