Internet Explorer URL Bar Size

SharePoint users invariably spend their lives between Internet Explorer and Chrome (and other browsers) trying to get SharePoint to do what it has to.

Chrome is friendly to SharePoint because it has a lovely long box for the links so you can see what’s going on.

URL Box ChromeHowever, Internet Explorer 9 and higher only have a tiny little box which cuts off SharePoint URL’s – this makes it difficult to see which view you are in.

URL box IEBUT, you can resize that box!  Put your cursor on the end so it becomes a line with 2 arrows on either end, and drag it bigger.

IE URL Re-SizeThen you can see the whole link.  Handy for scrolling down lists and libraries that have more items than can fit on the screen.  And it remembers the new size, so you can open and close your browser and it’s business as usual. Nice.

IE URL Re-Sized

IE URL Re-Sized scrolling down





  1. If you right click in the window header you can also select to “Show tabs on a Separate Row” if you need more space for the address bar.

    That means your Tabs have a row all to themselves and don’t get too squashed up (if you have a lot of tabs open .. or a low resolution screen)


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