South Africa’s SharePoint User Groups : SharePoint Business Workshops (SBW) and Information Worker (IW)

There seems to be much confusion in our user group community due to some name changes and reshuffles over the past few years.

There are two completely different user groups : SBW and IW.

SharePoint Business Workshops (SBW) – #SBWJHB, #SBWCPT, Facebook : This is the non technical, business user community. We discuss all SharePoint front-end, business specific related topics like governance, taxonomy, records management, training, adoption, ownership, information architecture, etc.  It is run by myself, Kate Elphick and Paul Spagnoletti.  It takes place monthly in Joburg and Cape Town.  Contact SBW.

Information Worker (IW) – #IWSA : This is the technical community of IT Pros, Architects, Designers and Developers.  They discuss all back-end, code and integration related SharePoint issues like backups, mobility, branding, farm architecture, database management, etc.  It is run by Marlon Green, Kevin Coetzee, Marc Lenferna, Bradley Geldenhuys, Alistair Pugin and Lynda Hunter.  It takes place monthly in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban.  Contact  IW.

They both take place on the second Tuesday of every month.  They both have their own mailing lists and registration forms.  In Joburg they take place on Community Night.

Community Night consists of various technology user groups hosting their events at Microsoft’s office in Bryanston.  There are two different timeslots, the first one starting at 4pm, the second one at 6:30pm.  The Developer, SQL, Gaming and BI communities are all represented at Community Night.

There is no IW taking place tonight as they are all at Teched, but SBW will go ahead as per normal.  See you at 4pm.  Hope this helped.

User Groups Logos

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