SharePoint Saturday Jhb 2013 #SPSJHB

We have lift off people!  The website is up and running, the call for speakers and sponsors is ready, and delegates can start registering from Monday.

Last year we did a lot for the environment.  This year it’s all about people.  We’re doing a blanket and warm clothes drive!  Please bring any extra stuff you may have so it can be donated to charity.  The Joburg Harley Davidson Club, Hogs, is going to descend upon us to come collect our donations.

8 June is the date – be there or be square! 🙂

SPSJHB Email Signature Event Date


  1. Reblogged this on T3chnicalLead and commented:
    The community rolls on. Last year, #SPSCPT made quite a fuss about #SPSJHB having less like on Facebook than them. So to the Johannesburg community, let’s stick it to them and get “liking” the Facebook page. To stay in touch with the arrangements, follow Veronique’s blog as well as the facebook page ( And, remember, LIKE it!

    Looking forward to seeing the community out in full force and sharing knowledge, giving away plenty of SWAG and growing the love for this wonderful platform.

    If you are new to SharePoint and the concept of the saturday shindig, have a look at this site that explains things – (soon to be

    I’ve also been to couple of these events myself and detailed my fun experience in 2011 in the following post.

    – SPSJHB ‘2011 (

    See you guys there. Let the fun and games begin.


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