Sustain Me

My quest to get back to natural living prompted me to document my journey.  I don’t believe I am the only one by a long shot who is sick of the way the world is put together and (not) functioning.  The only way to change the situation we put ourselves into, is to become aware of what we’ve done, understand that it is a trainwreck! Then find better solutions. Sustain Me is my personal undertaking of changing my situation. I don’t know how it will turn out, but the wheels have been set in motion for change.  Living in harmony with this planet and off the grid is my goal.  Please don’t abdicate your power to the governments of the world. They are not going to protect and look after you.  You need to learn how to do that for yourself or you will never be free.

Sustain Me Header Logo


  1. Wow Inspiring Article, I am so encouraged that there’s an awareness about what is going on in the world and glad i share this belief with someone am familiar with in the Tech world. #following the Zeitgeist


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