You Can Make a Difference #MakeADiffsMonday

Everyone of us is blessed with so many things that we tend to take for granted. We go through times when we don’t feel grateful for what we have or see the beauty around us.  One way to get some meaning back into your life is by giving back.

Make a Diffs Monday has been initiated very recently by a new friend of mine, Liesel Waterson Kilian.  She started it on Twitter and it advanced immediately to Facebook.

The idea is simple – every Monday you do one unpaid act that positively impacts humanity, report back on what you did on Tuesday, and recruit at least one person to do the same.

When you recruit someone on Twitter, you inform the person who recruited you, like this :

Recruit OneOn Facebook, it’s like this :

recruit one facebook

So go on, join us.  Every bit helps.  Get your creative juices flowing and extend a hand of kindness.  Your whole world could change.

you can make a differenceIt doesn’t have to stop on Mondays of course.  There’s a whole week to fill with goodness!


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