The #SPC12 Keynote Highlights

All the tweets I was planning on sending during the keynote, but the wifi was off. Here’s some of what Microsoft told us about SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365 :

SharePoint is a way of life.

10000 attendees from 85 countries.

SharePoint community lounge and TV is being syndicated to all the hotels.

Microsoft sees SharePoint 2013 as a pivotal moment in the product line.

Microsoft’s radical idea was websites for everybody, aimed at end users.

And the predictable SharePoint pie chart, sigh.

SharePoint is a $2billion product.

The name of the game is agility.

Cloud, mobile and social are no longer disruptive technologies, embrace them.

SharePoint 2013 is the bridge of where Microsoft has come from and where they’re going.

Experiences, innovation and ecosystem are the 3 pillars of SharePoint 2013.

Jeff Teper is the father of SharePoint.

There’s a billion office users that Microsoft wants to be able to handle in the cloud at once. #Office365

Office365 will work on any device and any browser – we’ll see…

Folders and subfolders Microsoft? Mmm.

The drag and drop functionality in SharePoint 2013 will make end users very happy.

The external sharing of docs and Skydrive in SharePoint 2013 has a very Dropboxy feel.

Marketing dept’s are going to have let go of forced branding in SharePoint 2013, too easy for end users to do themselves.

Sync’d tasks from every place in SharePoint and Outlook will be popular.

SharePoint iPhone and iPad app from microsoft will be available early next year – yay!!!!!

Do that data centre speed test from South Africa next time Microsoft.

Yammer only 4 years old and bought by Microsoft, well done guys #SPC12 keynote.

Social is going to change the way business works. #Yammer

Social networking can change the way information flows in a company. #Yammer

85% of Fortune 500 companies use Yammer.

61% of companies have an enterprise social network. #Yammer

Social is the catalyst and solution to change. #Yammer

Once people are more informed, it helps them connect better and get more engaged in their company. #Yammer

The integration between Yammer and SharePoint is pretty darn cool!!

Very hard to plan your schedule using MySPC with no wifi.

Yammer will be included in the SharePoint Online and Office365 license – awesome!

Enterprise Collaboration Leader role at Nationwide – love that title!

Yammer is your electronic water cooler!

The search experience in enterprise SharePoint 2013 is very slick.

More important than ever to teach end users to start using search instead of click through to find content.

You can use any design tool you want to create websites in SharePoint 2013, not just SPD.

Access denied during the demo “seriously, it’s Dreamweaver” Lol.

You can divorce content from the page layout and use search to drive the user experience.

Drag and drop docs from emails straight to SharePoint 2013 libraries in Outlook – freakin’ awesome!

40% improvement in bandwidth in Office 365.

#SPC12 was no 1 trending on Twitter.


  1. As far as I can tell, using any web design program to design SharePoint websites refers to Publishing Pages in SharePoint Server, and not SharePoint pages or Master Pages in general.


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