How to Log a Call for SharePoint

If you would like your helpdesk to assist you quicker? Meet them half way.

When experiencing issues with SharePoint, have the following information ready to the techies can get going quickly :

  • Is the problem being experienced by everybody, or just you?
  • Is it being experienced on all lists / libraries / sites, or just one?
  • Has this happened before, or is this the first time?
  • What actions where you performing on SharePoint when the error occurred?
  • What browser are you using?
  • What version of Office are you using?
  • Take screenshots of any error that comes up so they can see what you mean.
  • Supply the link to the problem area – there are thousands of sites and users, they don’t have all the links on call.
  • If you are allowed to email your call, put in a sensible subject line.  “Help”  or “Error” doesn’t tell them much and everyone does that.  Do something like “Error Editing List Item with Attachments” for example.


  1. Great idea ! I’m currently implementing a ‘Log Call for SharePoint’ function and adding these items to the form 🙂 Pre-populating some choice answers where I can so it will even be more easy for users to log a call AND provide useful information to the techie… (me :P)

    Thanks !


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