General News Update

It’s been weeks since I last wrote a blog – my regular readers must thing I’ve dropped off the planet! 🙂 Sorry everyone.  But fear not, I’m back with a personal challenge of the week : write 8 blogs in the next 5 days! 🙂

The round tables concluded in Jhb, Cpt and Dbn this week in preparation for next year’s Share Conference.  Lots of fun had by everyone as usual. The conference sold out last year, so don’t forget to register early.

The first SharePoint Apprentice event was a huge success!  I think it opened everyone’s eyes that were there.  Three teams competed and the PA’s Friend team was lead to victory by Brandon Hill-Jowett. Download the challenge and winning team’s notes.


Did you know that Lets Collaborate expanded this year? Cathy Kohler joined us as an end user trainer and infrastructure specialist.  Jade Taylor is our virtual PA.  Tracy van der Schyff is our part-time trainer in Jhb and user interface specialist.  Marc Lenferna is our part-time trainer in Cpt and adhoc consultant.  And we’re about to grow some more, watch this space.  We also turned 3 years old this month!

There are a bunch of free templates available for SharePoint 2010.  Remember the Fabulous 40 for MOSS 2007?  It’s the same thing really.  Don’t be put off by the reference to government on the site; the templates are relevant in all industries.

Microsoft is throwing all their new toys at us – Office 365 in SA, Office 13, SharePoint 13, Windows 8, new tablet … who can keep up anymore.  And don’t worry, we’re just as confused as you are with all the offerings they now have.  We won’t be even looking at SharePoint 13 for the foreseeable year or more.  It’s much to quick as far as we’re concerned. All our clients have only just moved onto SharePoint 2010.  We move when our clients are ready to move.  


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