A Salute to Every CEO Out There!

I just personally wanted to give a shout-out and thumbs up to every single CEO of any company that has made it big in the past 20 years.  How did you do it?

The amount of ridiculous legislation and compliance that companies have to adhere to just to create jobs for people and support their families is beyond comprehension.  The 40 – 50% company and personal tax that you have to fork out of your hard earned money that goes to bloodsucking governments that just line their own pockets, is criminal.

Who came up with all these rules and penalties and fees and systems that make no sense whatsoever?  These ridiculous systems put in place by governments that cause big businesses to put the screws on little businesses, that cause millions of little businesses to fail globally every year?  What has the world come to, really?  It’s no wonder the world is in the state it’s in.

Next time you feel jealous of a CEO whose driving the hot car, living in the dream house, and travelling the world – don’t.  I can promise you that they have been to hell and back to get there, sacrificed everything, beat insurmountable odds to be where they are, and navigated every known countless, idiotic, bureaucratic system designed to keep you from succeeding.

You deserve every penny of your success Mr and Ms CEO, I take my hat off to you.  Enjoy it.  I wish I knew you personally so I could come to you for advice and a pep talk!

Motherhood and owning a business – the two hardest jobs on the planet.

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