Be Very Careful When Choosing Office 365 Trial Plans

If you decide to try one of the Office 365 trial plans, do not use your real company name.  If you decide to change plans afterwards, Microsoft cannot delete your domain name and re-issue it in the right plan.

I have been on P1 for a few months, and after extensive investigation of my requirements, I realised that P1 will not be sufficient for my small business and was now ready to sign up to E3 instead.

Upon logging the call with Microsoft to have my domain deleted from P1 so it can be used on the E3 plan, I was sent the following (with no phone call by the way) :

Great, thanks.

Make very sure you understand your requirements and the service offering before you sign up using your real company name.


Post Blog Update 11 April 2012 :

2 weeks, 15 phone calls and 13 emails later the problem has been resolved. Tenant deleted and signed up on E3!  Thanks Trent at Microsoft for all your help and sticking with it.

Let’s hope it’s not as big an issue to get more space allocated now. 😉



  1. There may be a way to get your company domain name back – for use in the E – plan.

    When you signed up
    – because MS do NOT verify at that point in time
    – that you are the owner your company domain name
    – you can’t sign-up using your company domain name
    – you were probably assigned / selected a new domain name
    – incorporating your company name e.g.
    – this is THE ONE that the documentation says you cannot delete
    so there may be a chance you can work through the info I’ve pointed to below – to get your domain back for use in your E-plan

    Work with domain names and DNS records in Office 365 + How to remove a domain

    8 min troubleshooting video – removing domain name

    error messages + some resolutions – when try to remove domain name


  2. Yeah, that’s one of the things you learn in the Microsoft Partner trainings… sometimes too late. When I send trial invitations I always include a big warning! Another thing to be aware of: your trial site will be deleted, do not expect your data to be migrated to the final site after you sign up.


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