SharePoint 2010 Site Limits for Business Users

So many clients are making the move to SharePoint 2010 this year, I thought I’d share some stats on what the new version can handle that effects business users.  (I know it’s old news for the techies).

Please note – Just because SharePoint can handle this, does not mean it’s best practices!  Also understand there are massive space, performance, cost and backup issues with everything max’d out.  This is just to show you that we aren’t dealing with a Mickey Mouse product here; and why things like dedicated teams, governance, training, communication and support are so crucial in 2010.

Think about how many users, sites, lists and libraries you have right now – then do the math in SharePoint 2010.  Imagine all your users embraced SharePoint like you want them to, and they start hitting these numbers. How are you planning to manage it?  It should be enough for a wake up call…

(Source: Technet)

  • 500 million social tags, notes and ratings
  • 30 million documents per library
  • 30 million items in a list
  • 2 million users per site collection
  • 1 million alerts on Searches
  • 1 million terms and terms sets (think metadata on steroids)
  • 400 000 major versions per document
  • 250 000 site and subsites per site collection
  • 10 000 user groups per site collection
  • 10 000 metadata tags recognised per item when searched
  • 5000 documents or list items displayed per page
  • 5000 blogs per site
  • 5000 groups is how many each user can belong to
  • 5000 users can be in one Active Directory group
  • 2000 site collections per content database
  • 2000 subsites under View All Site Content
  • 1000 comments per blog post
  • 1500 projects deliverables per Project Server plan
  • 1800 documents in a SharePoint Workspace
  • 100 items at a time you can bulk edit
  • 25 web parts per page / wiki
  • 10 people editing a Word or PowerPoint document at the same time
  • 100GB space per site collection
  • 2GB per document upload size

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8 Responses to SharePoint 2010 Site Limits for Business Users

  1. Keith, I need to post a retraction on the 5000 list limit. I attended a conference last week where it was explained to me. The reason it is limited to 5000, is because over that SQL escalates the list to a table lock which will stop the whole database until it’s finished reading all the items in the list. It means that nothing can get updated until the read is finished, the whole system will be slow.


  2. Hi Keith, it’s not that SP can’t handle more, it can, it’s just not recommended due to possible performance issues on the list or library. I’ve also had users push the limits with number of items on a page. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.


  3. Keith Hudson says:

    Can Sharepoint 2010 only display 5,000 list items per page? I have a client with a Sharepoint 2007 site that has approximately 15,000 list items. Since I’m not allowed to connect to their site with Sharepoint Designer, I used Peter Allen’s list and document library filter ( to provide search capabilities for the end users, and restricted the web part sizes so only a couple of dozen list items would be visible to the human eye, but the listsearch jquery would search the entire list.

    I made multiple views so that if the end user knew what year he needed to search, the entire list did not need to be returned, speeding up the page load time. However, in case there were ever times an end user wanted to search the entire list, I made one view that returned the entire list. My testing (from a remote location) showed page load time at under one minute.

    A workaround like this wouldn’t work if the number of list items per page is limited to 5,000. Seems like a puny limit compared to the other limits described in this blog post for SP 2010.


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  6. Too true Clare. There’s lots of scary numbers in there.


  7. Clare Stone says:


    Those are some big figures – pity the poor soul with a 30 million Item Task List!


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