AI Copilot is Coming to SharePoint – and you won’t BELIEVE what it can do…

I’m not easily surprised by updates to SharePoint anymore. The stuff Microsoft has been rolling out in the past few years is more of an annoyance than anything else, because all they mostly do was take away functionality we had for 2 decades and then brought it back as a “new feature”. The last serious upgrade was years ago with the jump from classic to modern SharePoint pages. That gave us much nicer sites and were a whole lot easier to work with. Not much else major has happened really since then.

Until now.

They just released an article on what SharePoint will look like in the artificial intelligence world and O….M….G….!

The whole game is about to change.

With 7 major versions of SharePoint and 17 years under the belt, I’ve seen a lot of stuff going down in SharePoint from around the world – but this is something else entirely. Everything you think you know about SharePoint, is about to go out the window.

I’m not saying another word. Go read the article and hold on to your hats. It’s time to reinvent ourselves, ready or not!


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