Change to SharePoint Online Site Navigation

Before you have a heart-attack like I nearly did this morning, we can still have mega menus on team sites. Microsoft has changed the way you configure the navigation, and it does not make it clear at all that the functionality is still there.

And if you’ve been using SharePoint for years, you will be familiar with the old terminology of Quick Launch and Top Link Bar. That’s changed. It’s now Site Navigation and Menu Style.

We’ve been using the mega menu option on team sites for years, it just works.

Cascading is just so messy to me…

When you go Settings > Change the Look > Navigation, you are now faced with this.

Then when you click on the horizontal option, you get this. One would assume – like I did – that it means that the mega menu option is no longer an option when you use the vertical navigation.

However, you can change it in the orientation first, and then change the structure back to vertical, and it keeps the mega style setting.

Jump between the two to configure them how you need to.

Why do I get the distinct impression that Microsoft is trying to get rid of our quick launches; could it be because they don’t work in the Teams display, where they’re trying to force us all into….? Just remember, Teams is not your intranet. You need normal SharePoint too.

One comment

  1. I found your insight on use via Teams very much on point. I am displeased with how Microsoft has shifted their focus away from SharePoint and all about MS Teams. It feels like Microsoft has purposely taken SharePoint to a “chop shop” to strip it down and sell it off as parts. First workflows, then lists, what’s next?


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