Error Signing in and Out of Office 365 Tenants

A new issue has cropped up the past couple of weeks. Something that has worked seamlessly for years suddenly doesn’t.

If you are a member of multiple Office 365 tenants, you generally spend all day signing in and out of tenants like we do. We used to just be able to type the new tenant name in the URL and sign in. But now you get an error.

The key in this error message is in the URL – if you see “login as another user” in it, this blog applies.

I checked on a couple of forums. nothing useful forthcoming so I guess we just have to wait for Microsoft to fix this.

The workaround in the meantime is to sign physically out of the tenant you are in first.

Then you can sign in again to a new tenant. If you get prompted with this, say no. That also helps.

If you don’t do this, you need to clear the cache on your browsers are every single session with a different tenant. Super annoying.

Microsoft please fix this, it’s just wasting time.


  1. Thanks for sharing that. I don’t think the average business user will go to those lengths but it’s nice to know. It’s just annoying that this used to work with no issue but now doesn’t.


  2. I’ve taken to using different Profiles in Edge/Chrome, one for each Tenant that I need to log into.
    Profiles are much better than sign-out/sign-in.

    You can have multiple Edge (or Chrome) sessions all running at the same time, each logged into a different tenant as a different user AND all of the History, Favorites, Extensions, Settings and whatnot are distinct to each Profile.

    Found a good blog post about it:


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