How to Sign into Office 365 from Anywhere and Navigate

There are 2 main ways you can get into Office 365 depending on where you are in your journey.

Our go-to way is to sign into the intranet home page. That is always, so ours is for example.

Sign in with your work email address and password.

This takes us to your intranet home page where all your links and navigation are available.

If you don’t have an intranet set up yet, you can go use and sign in.

Again, sign in with your work email address and password then you will be directed to this page. The SharePoint one shows you all the sites you’ve created or followed.

With either option – depending on your role in the company, you may have to do double authentication. This means you need to prove you are you and need to provide either a code that is sms’d to you, or an sms code and email code. Every company is different. Follow the prompts accordingly. These measures are put in place to stop others from stealing your credentials.

Once you are signed in – use the waffle in the top left corner to navigate between the apps available to you. The items you see are dependent on the license that has been assigned to you, as well as the admin levels you’re given. Clicking on the Office 365 link takes you to the same login screen as going in via

Clicking on the All Apps option at the bottom of the list on the left gives you clues for what to do with each one. Just because you can do all these things, doesn’t mean you should. Make sure your planning and governance is in place first or you will end up with endless silos of information and no reporting capability in your business.

Jump between the various apps available to you using the waffle. The SharePoint page shows you sites you have created and/or followed.

You can also get back to your intranet home page from here if you haven’t followed it yet. It’s listed under Features Links, scroll down to see it if there are a lot of sites in the Recent and Following sections. If this hasn’t been configured yet, it will just say Team Site, but it will still take you back to the home page of your intranet.

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