How to Turn Your Modern SharePoint Team Site into a Communication Site with No Code

Want to turn your modern team site into a one-page communication site look and feel? You need to lose the Quick Launch then.

Easy peasy – click on Settings > Site Information > View All Site Settings.

Click on Navigation Elements.

Then untick Enable Quick Launch and save. (PS : Please don’t ever use Tree View, like ever, ew).

Done, go back to you home page and see the results.

If you want the top navigation to display too, turn it into a hub site.


  1. Hi Francois.

    Haha, yes, trust them to leave the old bits still in, (and thank goodness half the time!). No, the full width thing doesn’t come up, but it’s close enough for people who can’t do it any other way right now.


  2. Nice to see old classic tricks like Site Navigation (never use Tree view indeed 😆) still do the trick in that context.
    Since it’s a “hack”, I am guessing that the Full-Width section will not be available though?

    Liked by 1 person

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