No Code #SharePoint Solutions : “I want to display a Like option”

We follow quite a few groups on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and often see requirements come in that can be solved pretty easily using no code. We are not fans of custom dev, especially in the cloud. Out of box config, calculated fields, and workflow are all we’ll do. What we’ve noticed however, is that many people are assuming you need custom development to achieve things are available at the click of a button. If you are a developer, it is vital for you to understand what is available out of box in SharePoint. Don’t reinvent the wheel and over-complicate things.

Here’s a requirement that popped up this weekend on Facebook on one of the developer groups.

In SharePoint online , I want to display “Like” option of items in its display form. Only it is showing how many likes for that item and not giving an option to like. How to achieve this ? Is it possible with SharePoint designer ?

You don’t need SharePoint Designer to do this. It is standard list functionality.

Create your lists or libraries as normal. Then go to the list / library settings.

Then go to Rating settings.

Switch Rating Settings to Yes and chose between likes and star ratings.

Here’s how Likes look back in the list / library for classic and modern. You can click the likes in the browser.

And rating stars for classic and modern. You can click the stars in the browser.

Then for extra oomph, you can create / edit a view to sort the most popular stuff on top.

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