South Africa Microsoft Data Centres Update

Go live is scheduled for the 3rd quarter of this year.

We will be notified when the centre is open. There will be an opt in option on your tenant.

Once it’s live, you have 6 months to opt in – then that’s it. If you opt it, Microsoft will seamlessly migrate your Office 365 tenant for you. There is no charge for this, or any impact on you. If you miss the 6 month timeframe, you will need to do a tenant to tenant migration at your own costs if you change your mind later.

The total migration of all local tenants will take approximately 2 years. There will be no interruption of services during the migration.

Only South African companies in South Africa will be able to move.

Some companies may choose to opt out because they prefer the European Union data protection rules, or performance reasons if they have staff in Asia. If you have branches in different countries, you need to have started your planning already about what will be moved where. The “front door” to Office 365 will still be South Africa if you don’t migrate, then it will bounce to Europe. There may be a slight improvement in performance if we’re lucky.

There is no way to test your existing tenant to see if the speed will be better, then decide to opt in or not. The best way to do this would be to create a new test tenant and choose South Africa when signing up.

You can find out more at and

One comment

  1. Since Win 10, no one wants any more Microsoft updates or MS software. Win 10 moved me back to a manual solution. In my feeble attempt to keep my computer working after a Win 10 updates that created problems every time, I use my computer ONLY to receive and respond to emails. I no longer use wifi. I plug in my LAN cable to receive emails, unplug it while I create responses and plug it in again again to send responses. Win 10 moved me back to the dark ages before computers existed. Every Win 10 update causes problems with basic functions that always worked before Win 10. Not even Vista was this bad. I will not pay 20 times more for data so you can download your updates for software that I have not purchased. I will accept security patches but I do not want any more MS software on my computer. .


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