Think Out the Yard – Use Sway to Communicate Your SharePoint Governance Plan

You do have a SharePoint Governance Plan right? If you didn’t before and are in the cloud or moving to the cloud, I suggest you stop what you are doing an write one immediately.

I mentioned during the wrap up of the Ignite Conference that we are going to have revisit everything we ever thought about this platform. SharePoint Online and Office 365 are truly disruptive technologies. We’ve got so many other toys that play with SharePoint now that you simply have to change your thought process about it or be left behind.

A cool way to do your governance doc now, could be via Sway. It makes a sexy online version of your content that you can embed into any modern pages. (PS : Modern pages are also available to you in classic SharePoint). Strip out the waffle, keep it simple and communicate the basics to your business users. And teach them how to make and embed their own Sways.

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