The End of Classic SharePoint

Well it was inevitable wasn’t it.  Our ability to create classic sites has been removed from the modern SharePoint Online Admin Centre.  You can only create modern sites from there now. BUT, on the plus side, you can create them without those annoying groups!! Thank goodness!!!


Also good news is that this modern team site template uses the standard SharePoint groups which also allow you to sort out the dreaded edit rights issue without any fuss. You can simply edit the permissions to give the Members group Contribute like it is supposed to have.  (In case you don’t know, edit rights gives people the ability to delete entire lists or change the settings.  That is the Site Owner’s role).

The admin centre now defaults directly to the modern one, but you can still go back to the classic centre – and from there you can create classic sites if you need to.  We do still use them because there are a ton of things we can do there that we can’t do in modern.  For serious systems, we prefer classic, then just activate modern site pages to jazz up the site and make that the home page.  Classic is just far better when working with large lists.

I hope Microsoft moves the classic admin centre over properly boy, there is so much in there that we use and configure…. Time will tell.

Of course now, the other bugger is re-doing all the other modern team sites into this template!  We didn’t need the damn Office 365 group in the first place, but there was no choice in the matter till now.  Honestly Microsoft….. 


  1. Hey you, so glad to see you’re still around. 🙂 Yeah the switch to moderm is no joke, especially when you already have a huge classic environment. Prepare for a lot of rebuilding….


  2. Veronique, I always found your SharePoint tips and observations informative and helpful.

    I can commiserate with the complaints about Microsoft’s logic. My organization is still on SP2013 on-prem, thinking of migrating to 2019 and in no hurry to go to SharePoint Online with the Modern features. I’ve tried it through our O365 subscriptions and didn’t like it. I hope I can afford to retire and continue with part-time schooling before we have to!

    Thanks again, from another curious blonde in another hemisphere.



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