Get Pictures into SharePoint Lists with No Code

Add pictures to your staff or product databases in SharePoint Custom Lists easily by using a Multiple Lines of Text field.  Create your list (or library) with fields as required, but add an additional Multiple Lines of Text field and call it Profile / Product Pic. Make sure the formatting of the field is Enhanced Rich Text.

Images in Lists 2

Get some images ready. You can’t format them in SharePoint, so rather do this in PowerPoint or Snagit (the best toy ever), or whatever you use to make pictures do things. Make sure they are sort of all the same size, same borders, etc, so it all ties together nicely in the end.

A good idea might be to create a Document / Picture Library to keep all the list images together, otherwise they all just go into the Site Assets library by default.  Remember to enforce good naming standards with all images uploaded to SharePoint.

Images in Lists 2a

Add an item to your list, and in the pic field, click the Insert tab on the ribbon and insert a picture into the Multiple Lines of Text field.  It’s going to be huge – click the Image tab on the ribbon and play with the horizontal and vertical sizes to get it right.  A comfortable size is about 106×120 but you do what works for you.  Every image you upload must have the same as close as possible or they will come out over sized or too small.  Try and get the widths the same to make it look neat.

Images in Lists 4

That’s it, click Save and you’re done.

Images in Lists 5


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