Your New Year To-Do List

Welcome to 2017!  We hope you had the chance to get some well-deserved rest and are ready for action.  It’s the start of new year and a planetary abundance phase.  Things will be taking a dramatic upswing for the better for a while, so just enjoy the ride.

There’s a couple of days left before the office world gets back to work in a big way, so now is the time to do a total digital audit on yourself.  Check all your social media profiles and make sure they reflect who you are now and where you want to go this year.  Delete or edit anything that doesn’t paint you in the best light or no longer showcases who you are.  Don’t forget to add any new skills, courses or awards you did to LinkedIn.  That’s your online CV so make sure it is in mint condition at all times.  Don’t forget to check your SharePoint My Site / Newsfeed / Delve profile too whilst you’re at it.  If you run your own business, check all your websites and social media pages and ensure all content is up to date and that all contact forms are working properly.

Remember the social media golden rule – if you don’t want to see it on a billboard across the highway, don’t hit the enter key!

Please be nice to people on the internet this year.  No more cyber bullying, hatred and sarcasm; the world has had enough of that. As cliche as it is, it is true – be the change you wish to see in the world.

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