The Difference Between a Team Site and a Site Page

A SharePoint team site is the entire container that hold all the lists and libraries you will create to store content in, a default one looks like this in 2013. Note the URL at the top, SPA is the second site down.

And Site Pages are embedded into a team site.  The “Home” site page makes up the home page of the team site.  If you go to Site Contents and the Site Pages Library, you will see a list of pages available.  Site Pages are also known as wiki pages. (You can delete the “How to Use This Library” item as it just messes up your search results).


So team sites are essentially made up of lists, libraries and pages.  Although the pages are actually in a library – the Site Pages Library.  Use pages to make dashboards and to get rid of documents that don’t need to be downloaded or sent outside the company.  Copy the text into pages and format it, then add them to the navigation.

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