Small Businesses are also Complex Businesses

It’s an easy assumption to make that large businesses are complex machines.  The red tape and intricate business processes make it a tricky landscape to navigate.  It’s also often assumed that small businesses are simple!  This is really not the case.

Once you start unpacking things, you will be amazed at how complex your little business has become.  We work with businesses of all sizes, from mega thousands to one man bands. Anything from 3 or 4 people up makes for a complex business. People don’t even really realise how their business has grown in complexity, it’s only once they want to start using a platform like SharePoint that it becomes apparent.

This is why it is a good idea to build good habits early.  Start documenting how you work – policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.  Understand how information flows from one area to another and the many touch points it has.

While SharePoint is an amazing tool to use, there’s no magic button to click and your intranet will appear…. Well, unless you buy the Intranet in a Box of course, but that is really really basic. 🙂  The point is, is that SharePoint is a very big platform and your business is more complex than you think.  It takes time and lots of planning to get a productive platform going.  Oh, and you don’t have a small business, you just have a business. 🙂

Complex businesses


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