The Great LC Intranet Restructure Part 2

Finally after much unanticipated delay we can continue with the restructuring of our intranet.

The old home page was really ‘wordy’ with an incredibly long Quick Launch.  It’s all been cleaned up and replaced with icons that have hover text.  I use Metro Studio from Syncfusion for these.  It’s an incredible free tool that let’s you create icon sets till you’re blue in the face.  Great product!  Thanks Syncfusion!!

Instead of menu items in the Quick Launch, we have a motivational which will get changed weekly.

It doesn’t bother me that it’s not all orange like our brand colours.  We’ve already drunk the cool-aid and have bought into the dream.  We change up the colours whenever we feel like it because a change is as good as a holiday after all.

Before – poor old Fred has been evicted.

Lets Collaborate Intranet Home Page Before

Quick Launch before.

quick launch 1quick launch 2




















Home Page and Quick Launch after.

The policies and procedures page after.

Lets Collaborate Policies and Procedures


Part 3 coming soon.

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