Coping with #SharePoint

SharePoint 2013Any job will have challenges, where it is difficult to stay positive, and remain excited about what needs to be done. Working with SharePoint is no different. Here are a few tips to support a positive frame of mind:

Learn something new about SharePoint every day.

A continuous learning phase will automatically support a more positive outlook. Test the learnings on projects that you are busy with. Making time to keep current with your required skill level, will ensure that you feel positive and relevant in your job.

If you are not a developer, don’t try and be one.

People that use or build on SharePoint, may have seen work that a developer has done, and it really looks good! But, don’t lose sight of the fact, that one of the wonderful things about SharePoint, is that ‘non-techie” people can also use it. So, don’t try and copy something else. Think about how the process can work using OOB SharePoint, and you will surprise yourself.

Embrace upgrades and change.

Expect change, embrace change, and plan how it will be managed.  How change is managed will affect how you feel on a daily basis.

Share your SharePoint knowledge

Sharing is caring. You will make someone else and yourself feel great!

Stay connected with the SharePoint community.

Network! Network! Network! Keeping in touch, is to be human. Feeling like you have a community of support, will positively contribute to how issues are handled.

Go back to basics. Keep it simple. Remain positive!

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