Kitty and Puppy Haven Needs Our Help

Kitty and Puppy Haven (KPH) are experiencing a deluge of bad luck and are on the verge of closing again.  They have already been through so much but the plea from their founder Samantha Berger this week was truly heartbreaking.  People hear stories like this all the time, and we know there are many in need out there so it makes it difficult to know when and where to help; but we are going to help KPH.  So….

If anyone books and pays for SharePoint training with us (attending in Gauteng) between now and 11 December 2015, they will get a 10% discount off the price and 50% of the fees will go straight to KPH.

LC loves KPH

Here’s Samantha’s letter in case you don’t do Facebook:


This month has been the most emotional draining month of my life. I have sat back and thought about the past, present and future of my sanctuary and life’s mission. I started Kitty & Puppy Haven 15 years ago in December 2000. I started it because I believed that injured, abused and neglected mommies and babies deserved more than being put to sleep. I believed that somehow I could help and make others see that those precious souls had so much to give if they were given a chance at a new life. Hence my motto “we change their destiny”. I wanted each and every animal I took under my wing to have their lives changed for the better.

As a tiny home grown welfare, slowly but surely KPH grew. From taking in 2 litters at a time, to now being responsible for over 200 animals monthly. From having myself and 2 staff members, to now having a staff compliment of 19 working at Kph.

Things have been going from strength to strength over the years even though the sanctuary has survived being closed down twice already. This is the third time that the sanctuary is under threat of going under, and I am both terrified and devastated. Rand Water arrived in July and totally destroyed all our dog runs, they destroy our entrance therefore people couldn’t even access the property to adopt. The last 4 months that they have been working on our property has been an absolute nightmare both financially and emotionally. The noise, dust and stress has made our animals sick, increasing our vet bills drastically. The amount of animals being homed has dropped by 70% therefore the amount of animals being rescued has also dropped substantially due to lack of space.

Money that had been raised to build our new puppy areas has had to be reallocated towards running costs, which total R190 000 monthly therefore our building of puppy haven is at a stand still and we have nowhere to house our puppies.

Last week the car sponsorship was revoked with 24 hour notice, although we had been promised a two year sponsorship among many other amazing offers from the company. Fundraisers that were made by them on our behalf, have never been paid.

Our vet gave 24 hour notice and abandoned the sanctuary causing our clinic to be closed and all our medicines taken, leaving us in a spin as our hands are now tied until we find a suitable vet to employ.

We have hit rock bottom emotionally and financially.

I ask myself why it is so hard, why we have been hit so badly by outside influences when all we do is give our lives, our hearts and literally our souls to keep it going. If KPH closed, I don’t know of any other sanctuary that would be able to take over the role we play. We literally live and breathe for our rescues, never actually leaving “work”, as this lifestyle is not one that you can turn off when you leave the sanctuary. You are constantly worrying, planning and arranging rescues, funding and every other emergency possible, never switching off. You don’t have a personal life, you don’t have time out, you are constantly stressed however, it is all worth it when you make that difference in a rescue animals life. To all those that have supported me personally by standing by me, thank you because you have really made me realize that it’s worth fighting for! To all those that want to see both me and KPH fall, I wish you all the heartache and pain that I am currently going through one day. Tomorrow is another day, and my fight to save my beautiful sanctuary will continue. I will not let my staff or animals down, I will once again triumph and will laugh at where we were, when we have climbed over the hill that we are facing. Thank you to all my amazing friends who have been there for me and KPH, you have no idea how much I appreciate your love and support!

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