Rest in Peace Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson - JhbWe were sad to hear that Mark Wilson from Medscheme passed away yesterday.  He had been suffering with severe cancers for many years and had undergone extensive surgeries in the past couple of years.  His poor body took such a beating, and yet through it all, he still managed to come to the user group and be cheerful about his plight. We spoke last about 3 weeks ago where he reported that he was in a lot of pain, just finished chemo, had yet another tumor removed, and had lost the ability to drive.  He finished by saying “basically my body is in a mess”.  Not anymore old friend.

Mark joined the South African SharePoint community almost when it started and was a regular at our monthly meetings and annual events, he also spoke out some of our events. He became a great friend to Lets Collaborate and supported us from day one.  You will be missed Mark.  Your courage under extreme circumstances and gentle nature will always be an inspiration to me. See you on the other side.  Tell Dave Coleman we say hi.

This is what Medscheme had to say about dear Mark:

It is with deep regret that we inform you that Mark Wilson, a Senior Specialist Project Manager in the PMO, passed away on 11 August, after a long battle with cancer over the last few years which he fought hard till the end.  He often came into the office against better advice because he wanted to continue giving his all and at the same time be around friends.

Mark joined the organisation on 1 July 2002 in Medscheme’s IT department.  He was a ‘walking Medscheme information hub’ and was willing to share his knowledge with any of his colleagues.  Mark had an exceptional positive outlook on life and was always quick to pick up on an opportunity for a joke or two.  Mark had an unbelievable passion for Project Management and SharePoint Portal.  He was an inspiration to those that had the privilege to work closely with him.  Mark will leave a legacy at Medscheme, not only in the PMO, but also with all the colleagues and friends he made while running the year-end project for many years.  He walked the talk in the Medscheme Way and upheld the values of the organisation.  Mark will be dearly missed. Rest in Peace Mark, you are now without pain.

Our sincere condolences and prayers go out to Audrey, Craig, Hayley and Mark’s wider family and friends.  May peace and comfort find you during this difficult time.

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