Lets Collaborate – Keeping SharePoint Real

At LC we’ve had the tagline “more than just SharePoint training” for a couple of years now. We felt that it was just not cutting it any more.  We have evolved over the years, defined who we are and want to be, and are working towards new goals. Our new tagline is therefore “keeping SharePoint real”.

We believe it aligns to our company values and represents who we are far more accurately. It’s about us not trying to be something we’re not; working with integrity and transparency; being real with each other and our clients at all times; staying true to ourselves and not changing who we are because society says we must; it’s building trust, loyalty and friendship; it’s always telling like it is but being as kind and constructive as possible in the process.

It’s about keeping SharePoint real for our audience so they can embrace it in ways that work for them, keeping it simple yet efficient.  It’s about preparing you for an unparalleled journey of discovery; putting the share into SharePoint, and leaving a great legacy behind.

Lets Collaborate - Keeping SharePoint Real

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