SharePoint Saturday Jhb 2014 Planning Well Underway #SPSJHB

It’s that time of year again, how quickly it arrives!  The South African SharePoint Saturday circuit kicks off on 6 September in Johannesburg, (followed by Cape Town and Durban).

We have some great first time speakers lined up so far.  If you’re keen to speak too, submit your track to us and we’ll let you know.  It’s a great time of year to travel to South Africa, it’s spring for us and simply delightful!

Sponsorship options are also open.  We have roped in Sarah Nolan to sort all that out for us, so please contact her if you are keen to get involved. Alistair Pugin is also helping with the arrangements.

BCX have kindly offered their venue to us again.  We hosted SPSJHB there in 2012 and it was a great success.

You can follow the news on Twitter.

Last year we changed our Facebook page name – then we couldn’t change it back! Thanks Facebook… We have just created a brand new Facebook page for the event, but now we’re back to square one on likes. Please help us get our numbers up again so we can delete the old site.

Registration has opened to attend the venue and swag will be handed out to the first 150 people that arrive, so delay on the day.

See you soon!





  1. Hello ☺ That’s great, who are you dealing with at BCX? Just curious xxx


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