Right SharePoint, Wrong SharePoint

What do plumbers, electricians, car mechanics and consultants have in common? No matter which one you go to, they will tell you the other previous one did it wrong and you have to do it again from scratch.  Sound familiar?


When it comes to SharePoint – is there a right and wrong?  On server level, there are certainly best practices that need to be followed to ensure the farm is robust and scalable. But when it comes to the front end, it’s not so cut and dry.

Because there are no two companies alike, no two departments, and no two people even, you may be hard-pressed to dictate what right and what wrong SharePoint means.

Bottom line : is your site working for you; are you getting value from using the platform? Yes or no? If yes, then it’s right SharePoint.  Don’t suffer from intranet envy, you won’t be comparing apples with apples and just make yourself miserable.  Do what works for you.

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