Celebrate Small Business

Have you noticed how small businesses are always trying to look bigger than they are? Why is that?  What’s wrong with being a small business?  Every single big business on this planet started as a small business – as just one person with a vision sitting in a garage or a bedroom.

There’s the standard answers; position yourself for a major buy-out, pitch yourself to big clients to build confidence, intimidate the market, look good to angel investors ….  there’s nothing wrong with any reason.

measureI just think that people’s measures of success are different and bigger is not necessarily better to everyone.  We’re in a giant eco-system and we all need and support each other.  Big needs small, small needs big, small needs small, big needs big, medium needs both too. It’s an unending dance. Businesses grow and fall all the time, you can never guarantee how it will end. You may be big now, but one wrong move and overnight you could end up small again.  Or conversely, huge overnight.  None is better than the other, they’re just different.

And anyway, it’s not about running a business or how it ends no matter what size it is, it’s about the creation process behind it – that’s where the magic lies.  It’s about who you are being not what you are doing.

Just celebrate who and where you are.  You are exactly where you are meant to be and that’s ok.  Be proud of your business right now, where-ever it is.  You are an inspiration to people following your footsteps no matter what level you’re on. And remember that it’s never ever too late to start again or reinvent yourself if you have to; that’s the beauty of creation and being…

take pride

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