Do the new date formats drive you nuts in SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint Date Format 1You can change them back to the old format.  Go to the column settings and tweak the Display Format to the one you prefer, (and do this for any new date column you create) :

SharePoint Date Format 2

SharePoint Date Format 3


8 responses to “Date Format in SharePoint 2013”

  1. Joyce Avatar

    Hi Veronique. Thanks for your reply. I t looks like I forgot to mention I’m using SharePoint 2016 on prem. I don’t have that option to change the format, unfortunately.


  2. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    Hi Joyce, you sure can. Go to Site Actions, Site Settings, Regional Settings and change it there. It will then filter down.


  3. Joyce Avatar

    Would you know how this change can be made at the site collection level or site level? It’s impossible to go to every single library/list to make this change.

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  4. CaptainDeucesWildL Avatar

    Yes, they drive me absolutely nuts


  5. Muhammedh Naufer Avatar

    Hi, now that we are talking about Date Formats..
    Do you have any suggestions for this question please?


  6. Tumelo Avatar

    good post

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  7. Veronique Palmer Avatar

    Yes I agree, the date formats are far too rigid.


  8. shewrite63 Avatar

    This has bugged me and a couple of my SharePoint users. There’s no in-between. I wish they had yet another date format to offer: “Friendly consistent” i.e.:

    13 November 2013
    30 January 2014

    Standard is helpful if you want to get right down to the creation or modification time. It’s just not as pretty as “Friendly”.

    Thanks, as usual!



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