Navigation Gotcha in SharePoint 2013

Lots of people like to use Navigation to create dropdowns on their top link bars.

Navigation on SharePoint 2013 1

Navigation on SharePoint 2013 2In SharePoint 2013, this functionality is affected by the Site Layout of the theme you choose.

Navigation on SharePoint 2013 3If you choose Oslo, it changes the menu structure of the site and your custom navigation won’t work.  You need to leave it on Seattle for it to work.

Navigation on SharePoint 2013 4

Navigation on SharePoint 2013 5Oslo hides the Quick Launch and moves that nav to the top instead.





  1. That dropdown is a winner! 🙂

    Not many that I’ve seen no. It can be difficult to read along with backgrounds, I agree. But one of my students last week had her site as black background and green elements – it was really stunning and very easy to read. She found the sweet spot. It was admittedly the first time I’ve seen a SharePoint site with a dark background that was easy to read.

    The background images do make it hard I think. It’s cool functionality to have, but not that conducive to easy reading. We did however put bright tiles on top of it and then it looked cool.


  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I want to try that drop-down navigation technique. I always learn something new from your posts :o)

    Wondering out loud… Do many organizations use themes with black backgrounds? I have been advising potential site custodians during our info sessions to avoid those, along with background images. I find they interfere with readability.



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